Preparing for your Appointment

Arrive on Time

Please plan your schedule so as to arrive on time or a few minutes early.  Clients are scheduled on an hourly basis, tardiness will take from the hour we have allotted for you.  You will be given a courtesy  "reminder" call the day before your scheduled appointment.  


Please wear comfortable, light weight loose, non-restrictive clothing or bring something to change into as all treatments are provided through the clothing.  Great clothing to wear includes exercise attire, yoga pants, shorts,  and t-shirts.  

Please avoid wearing jeans, belts, underwire bras, bulky sweat shirts, anything restrictive or embarrassing should I need to perform any treatment that might otherwise be immodest without the proper clothing.  This includes skirts and dresses.


You may park in any parking space marked "MVP Commercial".  For those who need, there is a handicap space to the right of the main parking lot.  Please avoid parking in spaces marked Hillview Water Co.